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Social Media Marketing

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What is Social Media Marketing?
Digital marketing is one of the most important branches of any business that includes Social Media. The importance of advertising in Social Media comes from the fact that many people in the community spend most of their time on social media and have extensive communication. In addition, Social Media has a great variety of tools and facilities for advertising and marketing. Social Media is also a great tool for attracting site traffic and boosting site rank. Corporations use Social Media Marketing to boost and strengthen their site.


The Benefits of Social Media Advertising
1. Increased reputation on social networks
2. Earn profit
3. Increase site traffic
4. Create brand loyalty
5. branding
6. Reduce costs


Types of Social Media and Their Functions

1. YouTube
YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide (Statista, 2019) and the most popular social networks worldwide.YouTube advertising with the help of audience-friendly interactive videos, by producing engaging content and engaging them, has a huge impact on achieving marketing goals. The measurability and feasibility of evaluating YouTube advertising results is also an important factor that helps optimize and manage campaigns at the right time.

2. Facebook
The first social media was photo and text-based media, which is popular and loyal to people around the world. Social media advertising from this platform was seriously launched. The first business startups to make money were launched through Facebook, and today the platform is influenced by a wide range of businesses.

3. Instagram
One of the largest social media outlets currently selected as the most popular social media outlet. Nowadays, a large amount of marketing and advertising is done on this social media and has positive feedback.

4. Twitter
Text-based Social Media has the most formal and political space and is used by most politicians. Of course, its business efficiency cannot be ignored.

5. LinkedIn
A social media is dedicated to business. Its function is mostly to address the issues of every specialty, business issues and problems, specialized training and employment articles. Social Media Advertising at LinkedIn is more suitable for B2B and Personal Branding businesses.

Email Marketing

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Email Marketing refers to any email that promotes your product or service has a demand for recruitment, or any move to increase your company sales. It can be classified as email marketing.

You can count on email marketing anytime you want to trust your customers or get attention for your brand!

Six main reasons that prove email marketing is needed for business:

1) Low time and energy: It takes a lot of time and effort to make a profit out of it.

2) Personalization: Unlike TV, print advertising and many other media, you can design and send your email any way you like, to any size, including anything personalized to any audience.

3) Audience Separation: You can easily separate “Audiences or Potential Customers” from “Current Customers” and have a separate app for each!
Loyalty to your current customers and encourage potential customers to buy.
Can you do this on a television or billboard ?! Certainly not!

4) Higher Frequency in Contact: Email marketing, because it takes a little time and is easy to design, can increase the frequency of your communication with the customer.

For example, with other advertising methods, you may be able to reach your customers and your audience once a month or every fortnight (at a high cost and time), but in email marketing it is faster, easier, and cheaper. You give.

5) Informing: With email marketing you can create one of the most important sales steps, namely creating awareness of your product or service or brand.

6) Customer Support: With Email Marketing you can show your loyalty to the customer, you can provide customer support in the form of email.

Video Marketing

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We no longer have to travel the future to understand the importance of video marketing these days.
We read in many places that each picture is worth 1000 words, no matter how precise the description can be, it gives us a more important message.

This important message that video is very valuable and actually points to the foundation of video’s place in today’s world can be taken into account.
According to a survey conducted in 2017, 97% of businesses today use video content for their ads According to a survey conducted in 2007, 1 in 5 businesses around the world use video as a promotion and introduction of their products and services.. Of those, 82% say that video marketing has a prominent place in their advertising strategies. We all know video marketing is progressing faster than we think. According to 83% of reputable companies, video marketing will give them a better return on their investment.

Here are seven key benefits of using video on social media that can help your business:

1. Future Product Marketing:
Using video on social media platforms is a powerful way to promote new business ideas. For example, you can post on Twitter any video link on the video file sharing site and introduce your new products or services. You can also use Twitter to redirect your subscribers to your website or blog.

2. Business profile upgrade:
Video is a great environment for generating brand awareness. You can share video stories on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, tell your company story and keep the world informed about your business. Using video in the social media space will help your business profile to rank higher in search engine rankings.

3. Collaborative Network:
Working together effectively will often achieve goals faster than people. Creating communities on social media using networks such as Twitter can be helpful in expanding video links. For example, businesses that have joint ventures can distribute video links to each other on their networks, thereby increasing the potential impact.

4. Video Marketing Benefits of Creating Credits:
Posting videos on social media platforms makes a business a leader in its field. By sending video links, your business can grow in popularity and a high quality video will make you a prominent competitor.

5. Turn fans into sellers:
Most people talk about products and services that have good experiences. They can indirectly become your best sales force by sharing video content on the social media network.

6. Joint Venture Opportunities:
Businesses seeking a joint venture may be included in your video content. One of your audiences may be looking for more investment opportunities in your business. Videos can transmit such opportunities very quickly.

7. Feedback:
Evaluating video feedback is a great indicator of how to convey a message to the target audience. Comments may always be positive, but listening to target market feedback will enhance future video footage and business success.

Everyday we hear or read new and amazing definitions, tips, tricks and statistics of marketing, but now you know the important points about why you should use video marketing in your business marketing and understand better Understand the importance of video marketing and its uses, as soon as you think about launching and designing your own video marketing campaign with our professional team who can provide you a very successful strategical plan for Scenario, Production and distribuation channels of your videos.

Mobile Marketing

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Today, smartphones have changed the way we approach and interact with brands. Any activity done on personal computers, from opening an email to a website and reading its content, is now done via smartphones. All of this is only accessible through the small cell phone screen. Keep in mind that:

5% of Internet users have at least one smartphone
Mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets make up about 5 percent of digital media time for users in advanced countries like the US
Google has made it possible to predict Internet searches through its search engine on mobile devices, and even the new Google Algorithm first examines the mobile version of websites (Mobile-First index).
Effective advertising in mobile marketing means understanding the smartphone audience, designing useful content and defining a specific marketing strategy through Push notifications, SMS / MMS and mobile apps.

Online Paid Marketing

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“Advertising will get more and more targeted until it disappears, because perfectly targeted advertising is just information.” Dave Winer

Paid advertising through Click lets you target right audiences across a wide range of your product and brand. It is also important to keep in mind that your advertising audience is the one who is interested or need your product.

Click Ads are free to visit, and you don’t pay users to be viewed and you pay per click if you click on the Ad.

Also, this type of advertising, the relevance of their content to the program being published, will have a good impact on your brand marketing.

Click Ads will quickly generate traffic to your website. It’s simple, if you spend enough, you’ll get the top spot and potential customers will see your business before other businesses. If people search for the keywords you bid for and you’ve written a good ad, you will get clicks from the moment your ad is activated. Therefore, click-through ads will quickly result.

21 Solution Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

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Technical SEO

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21 Solution Content Marketing

Content Strategy

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Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on the production and distribution of valuable, engaging and relevant content.

The purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain a specific audience to reach their goals by providing them with useful content.

Instead of getting tired of presenting your products and services, produce relevant and useful content to solve customer problems and needs.

Note that a company may consistently produce content every day that is not valuable or relevant. So if you want to succeed on this path, consider the value and relevance of content to products, services, and audiences.

At  21Solution team, we help you plan the Best, Most Relevant, and Most Influential content.

1. Infographic:
Infographics are graphic images that include figures, graphs, graphs and other information.

In other words, infographic provides images to the audience with information. It therefore includes a summary of company data or services or products, along with the notion.

If an infographic is of high quality and content, it can be displayed and maintained for years on websites and social media.

Infographics help to attract the audience and thus help the company or website to grow. So you can produce successful content for your organization or company at a low cost.

2. website
A website is a source of information that you can access online. So the website should be your primary reference.

For example, if you send an email newsletter, you should link to your organization’s or company website. If you post to any social network, it should increase the number of visitors to your website.

If you are printing a brochure or advertising page for conferences or exhibitions, you will need to include the address of your company web page in addition to the information you need.

However, how is a typical website different from a web page that contains content? In fact, the company web page must be designed and presented for specific purposes. Content is produced for these purposes.

In other words, as the audience enters the company web page, they need to learn new things related to the company’s services and products. This in-page content can help transform a regular audience into a lead or potential customer.

A company may post pictures or videos on various media such as Instagram and YouTube. But these posts should direct the audience to the web page. Because the company’s core services and products are on the web page.

3. podcast
Podcasting is an audio file that tells a subject with any sound, emotion, or tone of voice of any subject.

These days podcasts have many fans. Podcasts include topics such as literature, music, politics, reporting or even a book summary, and so on.

But why can a podcast influence content marketing? Podcasting is like a digital revolution in radio media. So it contains content with a specific purpose.

So why not keep up with podcasters in order to offer their services and products despite the growing popularity of podcasts?

In fact, podcasting is one way that you can find information about a brand, service, product, etc. of a company or organization and make a connection between you and your audience.

4. the video
The importance of video, from basic TV ads to today’s ads on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, is not hidden from anyone.

In fact, sometimes audiences do not know how to use a product, they do not understand the use of production, and they do not know corporate services. Therefore, targeted content marketing videos have simplified the path of communication between users and the company.

The important thing about making a video is that your video should not be boring or even long. Technology and communications have also advanced to such an extent that audiences will notice a duplicate video.

5. Book
Most marketers think they can easily write a book and distribute it on the market. However, savvy marketers don’t write a book just for the sake of selling it. They sell the book as a tool to make marketing more successful.

Imagine world-renowned speakers and psychologists such as Anthony Robbins, for example. In fact, his books encourage people to attend his conferences. So content marketing plays a role in his books.

6. Application
To date, the App Store has more than four million apps. What do you think is the ever-increasing number of mobile apps? Yes, people’s demand and need!

Owners of different apps strive to be up-to-date and competing with each other every day. Because they all want to have more use and support among the audience.

The app helps you get to know the persona of the audience. When a user enters the app, he / she enters information such as age and gender and redirects the app to your needs.

Keep in mind, however, that your app is very popular and used when it is tailor-made and produces content related to your services and products.

Video Production

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Besides our Content and Video strategy team, we have professional team to deliver high quality videos based on proper channels to make it viral as much as possible.

Multi-language Content

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With the help of our translators team in 21Solution, we are able to produce and translate your content into different languages. Please contact us for more information.

Content Production

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After all planing, you need to make sure for your execution. This is what we can provide you by following the steps defined in strategy phase and getting benefit from our strong experience.

Graphic Design

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Graphic design is the most widespread art today that has given new meaning to digital marketing. Graphic Advertising Design, with its simple design principles, is trying to bring today’s artistic talents to the corporate advertising sector. Every company strives to be superior to its competitors. In fact, when marketers use something unique in their business plan, they will remain competitive in the market.

Graphic advertising design is extremely successful and unique among online advertising campaigns. Visual communication has always been a tool to attract the desired audience. Today, graphic design advertising is one of the most important drivers of digital marketing success with a step up from other advertising methods.

Until a few years ago, many entrepreneurs failed to understand the importance of graphic design for advertising in marketing. Today, these two industries have become inseparable, and people are increasingly interested in this advertising method that describes the convergence of digital marketing and graphic design. Certainly, the coming years as well as the present era, Graphic design will bring countless benefits to digital marketing.

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